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University of Exter Masters scholarships Social Sciences, Education and Law
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Application deadline: 28 April 2011

The University of Exeter is offering a number of scholarships for students undertaking Masters programmes in Arab and Islamic Studies, Education, Law, Politics, Sociology and Philosophy.

The scholarships, offered by the College of Social Sciences and International Studies, will be awarded on the basis of academic excellence. The awards will be given in the form of a reduction in tuition fees and will be applied following successful registration on one of our eligible Masters programmes.
The scholarships are worth £5,000 for international students and £2,000 for UK/EU students.

Eligibility for the awards
The scholarships are open to full-time and part-time students from the UK/EU and overseas who are studying for an MA, MEd, MSc, MRes, MbyRes or LLM programme in 2011/12 in the following disciplines at the University of Exeter*:
• Arab and Islamic Studies
• Education
• Law
• Politics
• Sociology and Philosophy

Further information
Visit the University of Exeter’s funding website for full details of the awards including how to apply. Information about the College of Social Sciences and our Masters programmes can be found at

*Applicants to Undergraduate programmes, Summer MEd, MEd Professional Studies, PGCE and Doctoral Programmes (MPhil, PhD, EdD & DEdPsych) are excluded from this scheme

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University of Exter Masters scholarships Social Sciences, Education and Law

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  1. my point at graduation is 3.55 . thedegree is B.A islamic studies.


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