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Fellowship Programme for People of African Descent 2011
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SPDC Niger Delta Master Scholarship Scheme 2011
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Deadline: 28 March 2011

SPDC Niger Delta Post-Graduate Scholarship Scheme

University College London

Scholarship Application Form

A scholarship application should accompany, or follow, a University Graduate Entry Application. Scholarship applications will not be considered until the applicant has been accepted by University College London to undertake an eligible programme of postgraduate study.

Applicants must personally complete this form by entering the information requested in the appropriate blocks.

A fully completed scholarship application form must reach the University by 28th March 2011.

Applicants must :

  • display intellectual ability and leadership potential;
  • have a high standard of English, ie at least 6.5 in IELTS and meet the university’s language requirements;


  • be aged between 21-30 years;
  • originate from one of the Delta States in Nigeria, namely Rivers, Delta or Bayelsa and currently reside in Nigeria;
  • intend to return and take up permanent residence in Nigeria after completion of the proposed programme of study
  • intend to study one of the following courses:

(i)                 MSc Chemical Process Engineering

(ii)               MSc Mechanical Engineering

(iii)             MSc Civil Engineering

  • have obtained a degree of at least an equivalent standard to a UK  Upper Second Class  Honours Degree
  • be neither a current nor former employee (who have left employment less than 5 years before) of SPDC, the Royal Dutch Shell Group of Companies or Wider Perspectives Limited,  or current employee's relatives;
  • not already have had the chance of studying in the UK or another developed country.

Undertaking by applicants

By completing this form applicants attest to the accuracy of the information given and to their intention to return to and settle in Nigeria/ the Delta States on completion of the proposed programme of study.


SPDC Niger Delta Master Scholarship Scheme 2011

Enquiries/ Questions?

We won't know if you'll not let us know about what sort of scholarships you are looking for or what courses and where you are applying. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions. Our team might be able to help you find a suitable scholarship for free.

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  1. I am currently studying BA in International Relations in one of the University in London. However, i will be graduating next Year. so am searching to know if there is SPDC master scholarship in my related field of study. e.g am interested to do my master in Diplomatic & Strategic studies or International Development studies.
    any help with be much appreciated. conversely, am a Nigerian, from Port Harcourt Rivers State.
    Looking forward to hearing from you

  2. I just graduated from one of the schools in Nigeria. I was actually late for this registration and I need to get an alert incase of next time. Thanks!


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