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Scholarships for developing countries – Talent for Governance programme, Netherlands 2012
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Scholarships Offered By: The Hague Academy for Local Governance, Netherlands

Target Countries: Developing Countries

Subjects for Scholarships: local governance, leadership, citizen participation, municipal management, local economic development, management of natural resources, or the provision of public services like water, health and education

Talent for Governance enables ambitious, young civil servants working for local governments in developing and transitional countries to follow an international Talentprogramme in the Netherlands. This Talent programme consists of participation in a training course at The Hague Academy for Local Governance in The Netherlands, followed by an internship in a Dutch municipality or province and a Networking event. The Talent programmes take three weeks.

Talent for Governance pays for travel and accommodation costs, meals and participation fee. We do also ask a small contribution from our talents, once selected. This shows their commitment and their willingness to also invest in themselves.

After the two training course weeks, they will get the chance to visit one of our internship municipalities or provinces in the Netherlands for a week. These local governments will organise an internship programme of a couple of days, during which the talents get into contact with the practical side of local governance. Topics discussed during the course will come back during these days and the programme is linked to their own specific work interests. During this week the talents will meet many Dutch civil servants who work in the same field as they do at home. In this way they are able to really exchange practices with each other.

Application deadline 2 January 2012!

The above information about scholarship is taken from Talent for Governance's official website for informative purposes. Further information can be found there. Source: Scholarships for developing countries - Talent for Governance programme, Netherlands 2012

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Scholarships for developing countries – Talent for Governance programme, Netherlands 2012

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  1. hi[phe
    i mostafa from EGYPT i’m student in the higher technolgy instit32ute in minya i’m in student 3 rd of mechatronics department ,i have the first position between my college
    i seek for scolarship in my field in good industrial country
    can you help me,please

  2. My name is Mr Abner Mhlobo Tyiwani. A lecturer at Walter Sisulu University lecturing municipal management finance as well as public finance. I have passed Masters in Public Administration.I have produced a lot of municipal managers .I would like to participate in your talent and governance programme.I participate in many municipal programmes in my local municipality.


  3. Hi Abner again. I want to get your schorlaship since iam a South African worker so as to develop my country as far as municipal issues and service delivery is concerned. I am one of your subscribers as you can see in your databse.



  5. I am a civil engineer at Government office. I have passed Bachelor in Civil engineering..I would like to participate in your talent and governance programme. I want to do masters in climate change or other environment related field. I can get 3 years leave from my office for further study.


    • i m so happy to know u r going aboard for futher study,
      ur dream was to work and do what ever u like to do nepal
      any way best regard for u for ur futher study in outside the country,

  6. I’m Solomon Agrey of Tanzania (East Africa.) I posses an ordinary diploma in Mining Engineering. I’m looking for a scholorship to pursue a bachelor degree in mining engineering or geology.

  7. Dear Sir/Madam,
    I live in Liberia,West Africa, i am in search of scholarship for graduate program in the following areas;
    Education, Law, social science, sociology & communication.

  8. :V No deseo sonar como el amigo fatalista mas me imagino que las primeras aplicaciones que van a llegar, serán esa desconocidas que están en chino xD.


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