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Fellowship Programme for People of African Descent 2011
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Researcher – Economics or Social Sciences, IWMI, Nepal
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Deadline: 31 March 2011

IWMI seeks a highly competent and motivated economist or social scientist to provide economic and/or social science perspectives, methodologies and analysis on components of research projects related to water use, food production, climate change adaptation and poverty, in Nepal.

You will be expected to:
• review national institutional, policy and legal frameworks on land-water-environment management focusing on climate change
adaptation, agriculture water management interventions and livelihood options within the Himalayan Region.
• map sectoral decision-making frameworks and conduct related institutional analysis including the transboundary political landscape.
• contribute to the design of both quantitative and qualitative methodologies to conduct social science research at a household and community level to evaluate water storage options/technology in the Koshi basin.
• write proposals and participate in other fund raising activities to expand IWMI’s research program in the Himalayan region.
• liase with local donors and government agencies to ensure impact and uptake of IWMI’s research outputs.
• document and publish results in internationally peer-reviewed journals and other suitable fora.
• take on progressive responsibility in project design, staff supervision, student mentorship and proposal writing.

You must have:
• A Ph.D. in economics, anthropology, sociology, geography, or a related discipline.

And you must have experience in:
• conducting multi-level policy and institutional analysis in water resources development, with a focus on agricultural water management and rural development.
• participatory research methods such as semi-structure interviews, key informant analysis, problem tree assessment, focus group discussions, and direct observation.
• writing multi-disciplinary research proposals for IWMI’s work in the region.
• liaising with both donors and national government agencies to ensure IWMI’s research impact and uptake in the region.

You must possess:
• a minimum of five years research experience on water/land or natural resources management in developing countries.
• proven familiarity with economics and social science issues and methods as related to agricultural water use in developing countries.
• competence in the application of statistical methods.
• a proven track record of publications in international peer-reviewed journals.

It would be useful if you had:
• a knowledge of existing bureaucratic structures, legal regulations, and inter-sectoral relationships of relevant ministries/government agencies in the Himalayan region.
• working experience in developing countries, especially South Asia.

This is an internationally recruited position with a competitive salary and benefits package, which includes a housing
allowance, transport, education, shipping assistance, annual home leave, retirement and health insurance package. IWMI’s policy is to appoint staff initially on three-year contracts which are subject to renewal, depending on performance and the Institute’s needs. This position will also require travel in the regions IWMI works in. IWMI is also willing to consider flexible employment arrangements for this role that could include secondment, or a consultancy arrangement and/or part-time employment for a suitable candidate.

The International Water Management Institute ( is a non-profit, scientific organization engaged in research and capacity building activities for developing countries. Our mission is to overcome poverty through better management of land and water resources. Working with diverse partners and supported by the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (, IWMI seeks to translate its research findings into actionable recommendations for policymakers, resource managers and poor rural communities. IWMI is based in Sri Lanka and has regional offices in 12 countries in Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa.

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