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Public Management PhD Fellowships, University of Twente 2011
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The University of Twente. We stand for life sciences and technology. High tech and human touch. Education and research that matter. New technology which drives change, innovation and progress in society. The University of Twente is the only campus university in the Netherlands; divided over six faculties we provide more than fifty educational programmes.The University of Twente has a strong focus on personal development and talented researchers are given scope for carrying out pioneering research.

The Department of Finance and Accounting provides research and education in the field of corporate and public finance, management accounting and public management. In education, the department offers a wide variety of courses in Bachelor and Master programs, with contributions to the Master programs of Public Administration, Business Administration and Industrial Engineering and Management.

The challenge

The position requires performing high quality research leading to publications in peer-reviewed international journals as well as evidence-based recommendations for public policy and management. Current research on public management is orientated towards large-N quantitative analysis of the relation between organizational structure and management instruments on one hand and the cost-effectiveness of public services on the other hand. Local government is an important testing ground. Of particular interest is the impact of new management instruments such as outsourcing, benchmarking and public and private networks on performance.

Our offer

The Department of Finance and Accounting offers an inspiring research setting, collaborating with other departments in the Institute for Innovation and Governance Studies (IGS) of the University of Twente. The department also cooperates with the Institute for Public Sector Efficiency Studies (IPSE) of the Delft University of Technology and the Center for Research on the Economics of Local Government (COELO) of the University of Groningen.

You will be appointed to a full-time position for a period of four years, at the end of which you must have completed your PhD thesis. The gross monthly salary for a PhD position increases from € 2042,- in the first year to € 2612,- in the final year (in accordance with the Collective Labour Agreement for Dutch Universities). In addition, the University of Twente offers additional attractive employment conditions. PhD candidates are also required to undertake a very limited amount of teaching related activities, such as supervising thesis work.

Your profile

We are looking for candidates with excellent performance in internationally renowned Master programmes with a significant component of quantitative skills in econometrics, economics or other social sciences. You should be proficient in English and able to work independently as well as in collaborative projects.

Information and application
For more information about this position please contact Prof. dr. Hans de Groot (phone: +31 53 4892825/3510, To apply for this position, please fill in the application form including your resume and a list of publications on before 1 July 2011.

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  1. i am abner mhlobo tyiwani , a south african. i have passed masters in public administration. i now need full schorship for my PHD

  2. i hereby apply for Phd full scholarship in public finance for developing countries. i am a south african. a lecturer in my country.i wpuld like to study at twente university.

  3. i hereby apply for full scholarship in Phd in public finance administration and management.i have passed masters in south africa in public administration .


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