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Fellowship Programme for People of African Descent 2011
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PhD Studentship in areas of Religious Education, Physical Education, Sustainable Education or Educational Leadership

Deadline: 30 March 2011

The School of Education overreaching strategic aim is to achieve sustainable /sustaining excellence in all aspects of our work, galvanising all our resources to proactively shape and respond to a dynamic educational environment. Specifically the School of Education has the strategic aim of increasing the percentage of Doctoral/Scholarship/Research activities in the School.

Our research strategy embraces the St Mary’s University College strategy and is articulated in a vision of intent:

“We believe that our educational practice is embedded in and informed by excellence in research and scholarship. We add to the body of national and international knowledge and we engage in collaborative dialogue to encourage and empower committed practitioners and researchers”.

We seek to develop and enhance our excellence in Research and Scholarship, empowering and informing our educational practice. Through a culture of enquiry we seek to contribute to:

  • The body of national and international knowledge
  • Collaborative dialogue with educational partners
  • Personal learning, the learning of others and societal structures.

Studentship Areas: Applications are invited for PhD studentships at St Mary’s University College for 2011 in the following areas:

School of Education – three full-time scholarships in the areas of Religious Education, Physical Education, Sustainable Education, or Educational Leadership

Contact - Dr Lorna Goodwin - email - Tel 0208 240 4084

Application Process: Please complete an application form and return it to the address below along with the following:

  • 2,000 word proposal (see application form for guidelines);
  • Names of two academic referees. Please ensure that referees have been contacted in advance of your application;
  • Copies of the highest qualification that you list on your application.

Claire Tapia
Academic Affairs Co-ordinator
Room B3
St Mary’s University College
Waldegrave Road
Strawberry Hill

Application Deadline: Wednesday 30 March 2011

Only those short-listed for interview will be contacted.

Information on the Application Process: Contact Claire Tapia on 020 8240 4164 or at


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PhD Studentship in areas of Religious Education, Physical Education, Sustainable Education or Educational Leadership

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  1. Hi sir
    I am Saeid Rostami from Iran. I am student of physical education in master. I have 2 articles published in ISI journals and have translated 2 books to Persian. I have played football for many years. I like to continue my study in doctorate in Canada. I am looking for scholarship in Canadian universities because I can speak English and French.
    Please help me.
    Thank you


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