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PhD Scholarships Mechanical and Design Engineering Department, Portsmouth 2011
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Applications are invited for a three-year PhD studentship to study modelling of  a nonlinear biodynamic response in human vibration. The project is funded by  the  Department  of  Mechanical  and  Design  Engineering  inline  with  a  newly  developed   vibration   lab   area   within   an   established   and   well-equipped  mechanical  testing  environment. 

The  successful  applicant  will  join  a  strong  team of researchers at the Biomechanics group of the Mechanical Behaviour  of Materials (MBM) section within the department  ( ).

Funding       The   studentship   will   fully   cover   University   tuition   fees   at  home/EU level (£3466 per year in 2010) and will provide a tax-free bursary of  £13,590 per year for a three-year duration. Home/EU applicants are eligible  for full funding; overseas applicants will be expected to pay the fee difference  from other sources.

Project Description          Vibration transmitted to the human body is widely  presented in the day-to-day life of modern industrialized societies. Commuters  travel by car, train, or bicycle; rescue crews by helicopters and boats. These  expose  the  body  to  vibration  with  different  waveforms,  durations,  and  magnitudes. An understanding of how motions are transmitted to and through  the body is a prerequisite for understanding how vibration affects comfort and  health.  Key  to  this  understanding  is  the  fact  that  biodynamic  responses  measured   in   transmissibilities   and   apparent   mass   show   resonance  frequencies   that   decrease   with   increasing   excitation   magnitude   –   the  biodynamic  nonlinearity.  Current  standards  evaluating  human  exposure  to  vibration uses ‘idealized’ values that assume the same frequency responses  of the human body at substantially different magnitudes of vibration. The goal  of  the  current  project  is  to  provide  quantification  tools  to  evaluate  the  nonlinearity.

Entry requirements          Candidates will have a first or upper second class degree  (or  equivalent)  in  relevant  disciplines,  e.g.  sound  and  vibration, mechanical  and  electronic  engineering,  biomechanics,  applied  mathematics,
and physics.

Candidates   with   previous   experiences   in   signal   processing,   frequency response  functions,  measurements  of  sound  and  vibration,  control  and MATLAB would be beneficiary.

The successful candidate will work with a group of highly motivated research students in the areas of experimental and analytical biomechanics.

Commence date    1st October 2011

Closing date           22nd July 2011

Interview will  take  place  during  the  week  starting  1st August  2011.
Applicants  invited  to  interview  will  be  asked  to  give  a  short  presentation  as part of the selection process.

Further  information  If  you  wish  to  discuss  any  details  of  the  project informally,   please   contact   academic   supervisor:   Dr   Ya   Huang,   Email:, Tel: +44 (0) 2380 59 2343.

How to apply

An online application form with guidance notes can be accessed here:

If you are unable to submit your application form online, please email, post or fax your application to:

Faculty of Technology
Faculty Admissions Centre
Anglesea Building
Anglesea Road
Tel: +44 (0) 23 9284 2555
Fax: + 44 (0) 23 9284 2525
Email :

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PhD Scholarships Mechanical and Design Engineering Department, Portsmouth 2011

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