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PhD Scholarships in Physics, Lund University Sweden 2011
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The research at the division of Atomic Physics is focused around different applications of optics and lasers, ranging from material science to quantum physics, to applications in medicine. The division is a central part in the major interdisciplinary research environment within lasers at Lund University – the Lund Laser Centre. The division is also heavily involved in the undergraduate education, especially within the “Photonics” program.

The research on structural dynamics is at the international forefront. So far, the main research areas have been focused on studies of energy transport, acoustic phonons and phase-transitions in ferroelectric materials.

Job assignments

The research concerns driving phase-transitions in solid materials with short-pulse laser and to study the structural dynamics in real time using time-resolved X-ray methods. Such methods include time-resolved reflectivity measurements and time-resolved X-ray diffraction experiments. The work will involve ultrafast X-ray detectors as well as ultra-short X-ray pulses. Most of the studies will be experimental but some numerical simulations will also be needed. The work will mainly be carried out at the Max IV-Laboratory in Lund, but also at other synchrotron radiation facilities and free-electron lasers.

Eligibility/Entry Requirements

A formal requirement for doctoral studies in physics is an advanced university degree within a related field, such as a Master´s or Bacelor´s degree in physics or equivalent, or substantial advanced course work at the master level or comparable. Furthermore, the acceptance is based on the estimated ability to accomplish your postgraduate studies.

Basis of Assessment

Selection to postgraduate studies is based on the expected ability to perform well in the studies. The evaluation of the ability to perform well is based primarily on the results of studies at the basic and advanced levels, in particular:

1. Knowledge and skills relevant to postgraduate studies within this area, such as a broad and thorough preparation in physics. This can be documented by appended documents.
2. Estimated ability to work independently and the ability to formulate and solve scientific questions. This ability can be established, for example, based on undergraduate research experiences, a masters thesis or in a discussion of scientific problems during a possible interview.
3. Skills in written and oral communication.
4. Other experience relevant to postgraduate studies, such as professional experience.

Experience using femtosecond lasers and/or using X-ray radiation is a valuable qualification. Good communication skills in written and spoken English is a requirement.

As a Doctoral student you will mainly be working with your research project, but can also be given more general tasks within the department i.e teaching, research and administrative work, in accordance with the regulations. Rules for employment as a Doctoral student is stated in "The Higher Education Ordnanace (SFS 1998:80), Chapter5".

Type of employment: Limit of tenure
Extent: 100 %
Location: Department of Physics, Lund
First day of employment:
Official Records Number: LTHPA 2011/342

Last Day of Applying 2011-06-30

Appointment Procedure
Please apply online. Complementary documents, such as publications/books should be sent to: Registry office, Lund University, P.O. Box 117, SE-221 00 LUND, SWEDEN (Address for delivery of packages: Lund University, Registry Office, Paradisgatan 5C, 223 50 LUND). The official record number should be clearly stated when sending complementary documents.

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PhD Scholarships in Physics, Lund University Sweden 2011

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