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Fellowship Programme for People of African Descent 2011
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PhD Fellowships in University of Rome La Sapienza 2011
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The University of Rome "La Sapienza" offers 16 three year full-time postgraduate PhD positions with fellowship for attaining the degree of "Dottore di Ricerca" (PhD) in the Doctoral Schools listed in appendix.

Each fellowship amounts to € 19.800,00 per year; this amount includes national insurance contributions (INPS) that fellowship recipients are required to pay (8,91% for 2011). The fellowship doesn’t cover the annual entrance fee and doesn’t increase for research periods spent abroad.

2. Admission requirements

Applications are opened to candidates who:
• are not Italian citizens;
• are not residents of Italy;
• have obtained an academic qualification abroad by a non-Italian institution which satisfies the entrance requirements for admission to the Doctoral Programme, i.e., a degree equivalent to the Italian diploma di laurea/laurea specialistica/laurea magistrale, or expect to obtain it before 31 July 2011. The equivalence of each qualification to the relevant Italian degree will be ascertained (for the sole purpose of this competition) by the Academic Board of the Schools.

The  deadline  for  submission  of  the  application  and  supporting  documents  above  listed  is  31 May 2011.

The University may exclude at any time candidates lacking admission requirements.

6.  General rules

Doctorate fellowships are incompatible with any other one granted by Italian or International subjects.   Fellowships cannot be awarded to candidates who have already (either entirely or partially) benefited from a similar grant to attend a PhD Course provided by an Italian University or by an International Institution.

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PhD Fellowships in University of Rome La Sapienza 2011

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