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Fellowship Programme for People of African Descent 2011
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PhD Biotechnology Scholarship at University of Oslo, Norway 2011
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The Biotechnology Centre of Oslo (BiO) is a centre for molecular biology, biotechnology and bioinformatics within the University of Oslo. The centre is devoted to research and post-graduate training.

A PhD fellowship is available at the Biotechnology Centre at the University of Oslo, UiO.

A 3 year position for a PhD fellowship is available at the DNA damage response laboratory at BiO.

Our research aim is to understand how DNA damage is sensed, signalled and repaired. A particular focus is to elucidate the role of DNA repair enzymes in the activation of the signal transduction cascades that lead to activation of cell death responses following treatment with anti-cancer drugs. We use genetic, cell biological and biochemical approaches. We use C. elegans and human cell lines as model systems in our research.

For the present PhD project, we seek a candidate with extensive hands on experience with biochemical methods and imaging, including immunofluorescence microscopy, DIC and confocal microscopy, of C. elegans to study the activation of apoptosis and autophagy in response to chemotherapeutic drugs. Candidates with a strong background in C. elegans genetics or having experience from studies of DNA damage responses using mammalian cell culture will also be considered.

We seek a highly motivated candidate with a MSc in relevant disciplines with the ability to work independently as well as in teams. We have an international work environment and use English as working language. The candidate must be free to take up the position immediately or August 15, 2011

The position will be included in the Norwegian health insurance and retirement pension schemes and placed as SKO (Position Code) 1017 Stipendiat/PhD fellow with salary range step (ltr.) 48-56 (NOK 383 700 - 440 500) depending on qualifications and experience.

  • Region: Oslo
  • Job type: Contract
  • Working hours: Full-time
  • Working days: Day
  • Application deadline: 15 June 2011
  • Expected Start Date: August 15, 2011
  • Location: Oslo
  • Reference number: 2011/6030
  • Contacts: Hilde Nilsen Telephone: +47 22840511
    Ragni Indahl Telephone: +47 22840531 Mobile: +47 95150932

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  1. I would like to know how to apply for scholarships of Oslo University, and how can i get in to it for my Phd Studies in Biotechnology. Do i need to complete any exams for my studies.?


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