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MSc Chemical Process Research and Development Scholarships 2011
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The course is designed to be flexible, and accommodate students from a diverse range of backgrounds who have an interest in chemical process research and development.

It is run by the Institute of Process Research and Development (iPRD), an interdisciplinary Institute between the School of Chemistry and School of Process, Environmental and Materials Engineering (SPEME) that carries out industrially relevant research at the Chemistry-Chemical Engineering interface.

The programme is ideal for those with a background in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and other related science and engineering subjects who want to expand their knowledge in the area of chemical process research and Development.

In keeping with iPRD's emphasis, all of the course is industrially relevant, and much of it is industrially led, including extensive use of seminars and workshops by industrial speakers.

Name of School Contact: Taught Postgraduate Admissions - Laura Vayro

Fees: £2,000 (international students only)
Maintenance: £3,500

Minimum Academic Requirements (if English is not your first language, then candidates must also meet the University’s English language requirements):
A BSc or BEng 2.2 honours degree or equivalent in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering or a suitable science or engineering degree.

Closing Date: 30/06/11

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