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Lee Kong Chian Graduate Scholarships
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Deadline: 15 November 2011 (every year)

The Lee Kong Chian Graduate Scholarships ("Scholarships") were established from donations received from the Lee Foundation and are the University's most prestigious scholarship awards for graduate students.

The selection of candidates will take place once a year, in time for the start of the academic year in August. Up to 5 new Scholarships will be given each year. Not all Scholarships will be awarded unless there are candidates of sufficient merit.

Eligibility The Scholarships are open to students of all nationalities who gain admission to any Ph.D. programme at the University. In keeping with the donor's wishes, the Scholarships will be awarded to well-rounded individuals showing exceptional promise who have an appropriate balance of intellect and character. Scholarship recipients are selected on the basis of demonstrated academic excellence, leadership and a commitment to service.
Award Amount
  • A monthly stipend of S$3,300;
  • Tuition, examination fees and other approved fees at NUS;
  • An annual book allowance of S$500;
  • A one-off air travel allowance of 2 return tickets of up to S$4,000 (only for overseas students subject to a maximum of S$2,000 per ticket); and
  • A one-off laptop allowance of S$1,500.
Award Period The award is tenable for 1 year in the first instance; but subject to the scholar’s satisfactory progress, it may be renewed annually. The maximum period of award is 4 years.
Bond No bond is required.
Application Procedure Incoming Ph.D. candidates will have to indicate their interest in the Scholarship via the NUS Graduate Research Programme Application System.Apart from the other supporting documents required for Ph.D. admission, candidates interested in the Scholarship must also submit a personal essay and a record of co-curricular activities or community service. Short-listed candidates will be invited to an interview either in Singapore or their home country.

Application deadline: 15 November

Notification of Award Successful candidates will be informed of the outcome of their applications sometime in April.
Terms and Conditions Successful applicants will be required to sign a letter of undertaking agreeing to observe the terms and conditions for the award of the Scholarship. A copy of the current terms and conditions can be accessed here.
Change in Policy The above information is subject to change at any time. For current information on the Scholarship, please contact the graduate division of the relevant Faculty or School.

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Lee Kong Chian Graduate Scholarships

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  1. Please, am a male Ugandan living in Jinja Uganda and interested in getting a scholarship for a masters degree course preferably in International relations, Global affairs or the like. We still have challenges in Africa especially in leadership, that`s partly my motivation for the above stated fields of study interest. In case of any opportunity in South Korea but limited to other countries, let me know please.
    Thanks in advance.
    Mobile +256 701 4947


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