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Huygens Scholarship Programme
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Deadline: 1 February 2011 (yearly)

The prestigious Huygens Scholarship Programme is open to excellent students from all countries. It is aimed at talented students who want to come to the Netherlands in the final phase of their bachelor’s studies or during their master’s studies. 

The Dutch Minister of Education, Culture and Science has allocated seven million euros for excellent students coming to the Netherlands under the Huygens Scholarship Programme. There is no fixed number of available scholarships. The actual number is determined by the total cost of the variable components of the scholarships.


The most important criterium is that you have performed above average. Are you one of the top students of your institution and would you like to study in Holland? Then you may submit a scholarship application to Nuffic.

Nomination by Dutch host institution

In order to be eligible for a scholarship you must be nominated by the Dutch host institution where you would like to pursue your studies. The Dutch institution can nominate you by providing you with a special Huygens nomination letter.

Huygens nomination letter

The nomination letter is a form which institutions use to inform Nuffic about your unique qualities and your proposed programme of study. The nomination letter from the Dutch institution is a required document for a Huygens Scholarship application. Please note that the Dutch institution is not obliged to provide you with a nomination letter.


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