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Fellowship Programme for People of African Descent 2011
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EHA Partner Fellowship Program, Netherlands 2011
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As part of the Career Development Program, the EHA Partner Fellowship Program is dedicated to young hematologists from new accession and European Union candidate countries and developing countries.


  • To facilitate development of a collaborative network between hematology institutes in Western Europe and new accession and candidate countries of the EU and developing countries.
  • To support the career development of young scientists from new accession or EU candidate countries and developing countries who are involved in basic and clinical research in hematology by facilitating opportunities to work at host institutes in Western Europe.

Important dates

July 8 - Applications due

Nov 2011 - Notification of awards

Jan 2012 - First transfer of award funds


A maximum of 2 awards will be granted.

  • Funding is for a maximum of 3 years at € 35.000 per year, which includes:
  • € 10.000 per year to the host institute to cover administrative, facilities, supplies, travel and/or housing costs related to the recipient’s project.
  • a salary of € 25.000 per year for the recipient, to be paid through the home institute.


  • Applicants must reside in a new accession or candidate country of the EU or a developing country as listed.
  • Applicants should hold an MD and/or PhD or equivalent and be engaged in clinical and/or biological research in hematology.
  • Applicants must be within 12 years after MD graduation or have less than 8 years of post-doc experience after PhD graduation.
  • Applicants must be, or become, members of EHA upon submitting their application.
  • Home and host institutes must be academic research and/or clinical hematology centers.
  • The host institute must provide all facilities for the applicant’s project.
  • The head of the applicant’s host department/institute and applicant agree to be responsible to EHA regarding project development, implementation and budgeting.
  • The head of the applicant’s home department/institute agrees to be responsible to EHA regarding payment of salary to the recipient.
  • The host institute must provide the fellow the opportunity to attend the EHA Annual Congress.
  • Applicants are encouraged to return to their home country after the fellowship.


An interim report highlighting the project's progress and summarizing the use of funds is required at the end of the first year. A final report highlighting the project's results and summarizing the use of funds is required at the end of the second year.

The recipients are required to respond to EHA's requests for information related to their career progress following the active grant.

Recipients are encouraged to present their research findings in an oral presentation or poster at the Annual Congress of EHA within two years following the end of the grant period.

Recipients are strongly encouraged to submit a paper to Haematologica/The Hematology Journal, the official journal of EHA.

All scientific publications, oral presentations, press releases or other information coming out of the project financed by the grant must include the following statement: "This research was funded partly by the Grant (number or code) awarded by the European Hematology Association."

How to Apply

  1. Complete the application form
  2. Submit your letter of recommendation, signed by the head of the applicant’s department
  3. Submit your letter of agreement, signed by the home and host institutes and applicant, describing their:
    • mutual collaboration and how the project will benefit a longer term relationship between the institutes.
    • willingness to facilitate the exchange/hosting of the applicant.
    • responsibility for successful performance of the research project.
  4. Submit the required documents of your project proposal (as detailed below)

Submit these items to no later than July 8.

Read more about EHA Partner Fellowship Program, Netherlands 2011

EHA Partner Fellowship Program, Netherlands 2011

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