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Fellowship Programme for People of African Descent 2011
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Dorothy Marchus Senesh Fellowships for Women from Developing Countries in USA 2012
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Provider: International Peace Research Association (IPRA), USA

Target Countries: Women from Developing Countries

Subjects: Fields related to peace and development studies

The International Peace Research Association Foundation invites applications for the Dorothy Marchus Senesh Fellowship in Peace and Development Studies for Women from developing countries. Dorothy Senesh was a long-time activist for international peace and justice. Her husband Lawrence established this fellowship following her death in 1989. The first award was made at the IPRA 25th Anniversary meeting, July 1990, in Groningen, Netherlands and has been made biennially since. The twelfth award will be made at the 24th biennial IPRA meeting in Japan.

Every other year (beginning in 1990) one woman receives school expenses in the amount of $5,000 per year for two years.

The Dorothy Senesh Fellowship is available to women from developing countries who have completed a Bachelor's degree, who have been accepted into a graduate program and whose graduate work is to be focused on issues related to the goals of IPRA. Funds will only be dispersed when the selected candidate is admitted into a graduate program. Awards are considered based on need; therefore students with substantial funding sources are less likely to be considered for the award.

Applications are due by January 15, 2012.

The above information is taken from IPRA Foundation's official website for informative purposes. Further information can be found there. Source: Dorothy Marchus Senesh Fellowships for Women from Developing Countries in USA 2012

Dorothy Marchus Senesh Fellowships for Women from Developing Countries in USA 2012

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    I am a fresh graduate lady holding a Bachelor’s Degree in the Department of Civil Engineering and Environmental Technology. I would like to pursue my Master’s in the Environment Field.
    Is there anything of a kind to apply for? I would be glad to hear from you.


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