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DATACOM ITS Undergraduate Scholarship 2011
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Deadline: 4 March 2011

This scholarship has been established by Datacom Systems S.A. Pty Ltd (“Datacom”), one of the largest Australasian-owned professional IT services providers. Datacom is an IT services supplier, providing technology needs including design, development, deployment and management of IT systems and infrastructure. Datacom currently deploys more than 3,000 staff across Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia and boasts revenues of over NZ$550 million.

This scholarship is open to students who are Australian citizens or permanent residents of Australia and are undertaking their final or Honours year in any of the following programs at the University of Adelaide:

• Bachelor of Computer Science;
• Bachelor of Computer Science (Software Engineering);
• Bachelor of Mathematical and Computer Science;
• Bachelor of Engineering (Software Engineering);
• Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Systems)

Students must have successfully completed the penultimate year of their Bachelor program if applying for the scholarship for their final year or must have successfully completed the final year of their Bachelor program if applying for the scholarship for their Honours year. Students must be undertaking study on a full time basis as a Commonwealth Supported student.

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DATACOM ITS Undergraduate Scholarship 2011

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