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Biology Scholarships at University of Copenhagen, Denmark 2012
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Scholarships Offered By: University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Target Countries: All countries

Subjects for Scholarships: Biology

Department of Biology at University of Copenhagen is seeking suitable candidate to offer PhD scholarships in Soil Microbiology.

The project is titled "Development and validation of standardized analysis of soil biodiversity".

The stipendship is for a period of 3 years starting from 1st July 2012.

Educational Qualifications Needed are: Master of Science in Microbiology, Master of Science in Molecular Biology, or similar qualifications.

Language Requirement: English

Deadline for Application is: 15 May 2012.

Scholarship/ Salary Amount is: 25015 Danish Kroner to 30209 Danish Kroner which is around 3365 Euros to 4050 Euros and also a contribution to pension fund, i.e., 17.1 % out of 85 % of salary provided.

Selection will be according to the regulations of: Marie Curie Initial Training Networks

Contact Person: Tim Evison ( Email Address: tevison[at] )

Application Procedure

The above information about scholarship is taken from University of Copenhagen's official advertisement for informative purposes. Further information can be found there. Source: Biology Scholarships at University of Copenhagen, Denmark 2012

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Biology Scholarships at University of Copenhagen, Denmark 2012

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